TOGETHER we can keep Norwalk moving FORWARD

VOTE BY MARCH 03, 2020

We have accomplished together

  •  Strengthened Community Based Policing.
  •  Increased crime suppression patrols and gang crime operations by 35%.
  •  Initiated a Business Watch Program.
  •  Opened new businesses, promoted small business initiatives and local hire.
  •  Reduced overall crime in Norwalk by 17% and violent crime by 5%.
  •  Initiated a Passport Acceptance Facility at city hall to increase our general fund.
  •  Secured funding for park improvements.
  • Approved a Coyote Coexistence and Management Plan.
  •  Initiated a youth commission to give youth in the community a voice.
  • Inititated street improvement projects.
  •  Finalist for Eddy Awards "Most Business Friendly Cities".
  • Promoted sustainable and eco-friendly projects.

Meet Margarita Rios

Margarita was elected to the Norwalk City Council in 2017, and currently serves as Mayor. She is a proud wife, mother, and grandmother. Margarita is also a cancer warrior; 1 ½ years cancer free. Margarita and her family have been proud to call Norwalk home for generations. Margarita and her husband raised 3 sons in Norwalk. Margarita was raised by a single mother and grandparents. Margarita’s grandparents, immigrants, taught her the importance of perseverance and hard work. Her grandmother was a seamstress and her grandfather was a farm worker.  Early in her education, Margarita attended Edmondson Elementary School and Waite Middle School. After high school, Margarita attended Cerritos College where she earned an Associate Degree.  Margarita later graduated from California State University Long Beach (CSULB) with a degree in Criminal Justice and minor in Psychology. Margarita was the first in her family to graduate from college. At CSULB, Margarita received the Jeannie Eisentraut Memorial Award for Outstanding Female Graduate of the Criminal Justice Department. Only one female graduate is selected by the Criminal Justice Department yearly for this prestigious award. With her family’s encouragement and support, Margarita accomplished her goal to be a police officer.  Margarita has over 22 years of law enforcement experience, and currently holds the position of sergeant.  

Our campaign is only as strong as our volunteers



Now more than ever, Norwalk needs an experienced leader with the tenacity to ensure a bright future and prosperous Norwalk. The residents of Norwalk deserve nothing less. Margarita brings renewed stewardship to the city council and understands the issues that matter most to the community.  Margarita believes in the power of community and is committed to being present, engaged and accessible. Margarita has built strong partnerships with all stakeholders, and has earned the trust of local community leaders and respected elected officials. Margarita has proven she is an authentic leader who cares about the residents of Norwalk, and tireless advocacy and hard work has created a positive momentum in the city. Margarita is the right choice to lead on the path to progress and continue moving Norwalk forward. 

Strengthen public safety

by making sure local law enforcement agencies have the resources they need and expanding programs that build partnerships between schools, businesses, and our sheriff’s department.

Advance healthy economic development

to appeal to stores, restaurants, and other businesses that will make a positive impact on the community’s well-being and help rebuild our city. 

Invest in comprehensive infrastructure

that focuses on improving street pavement, enhancing parks, and upgrading walkways for better accessibility. 

Connect with residents

and emphasize community input to help identify problems and solutions. Our city is better off when city staff, local officials and residents work together. 


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